b'Listed by style number Page Description StylePageSUITS & TUXEDOS1-5Table of Contents 605112-113Savvi White/Black Franklin One Button Peak 30670016-17MOD Black Dawson Two Button Notch 29StylePageSUITS & TUXEDOS 751111MOD White Platinum Paisley Aries One Button Shawl 29153 36-37IKE Behar Navy Blake One Button Peak 29 754102-103MOD Stone Lam Starlight One Button Shawl 29 154 104-105IKE Behar Burgundy Camden One Button Shawl 30 755110MOD White Abstract Print Hendrix Two Button Notch 29 15524-25IKE Behar Black Chandler One Button Shawl 30 75698-99MOD Wedgewood Aries One Button Shawl 2915634-35IKE Behar Navy Sebastian Two Button Notch 29 757108-109MOD Ivory/Gold Camo Lam One Button Shawl 2915738-39IKE Behar Navy Collin Two Button Notch 29 97142-43EL French Blue Matteo Dress Suit Two Button Notch 2915854-55IKE Behar Charcoal Grey Xavier One Button Peak 29 97256-57EL Steel Grey Holden Dress Suit Two Button Notch 2915948-49IKE Behar Cobalt Blue Greenwich One Button Peak 29 97318-19EL Black Emmitt Dress Suit Two Button Notch 29160114IKE Behar Ivory/Black Dawson One Button Shawl 30 100164-65Savvi Grey Essex Two Button Notch 29 161115IKE Behar Ivory Harrison One Button Shawl 30 101230-31Savvi Black Firenza Two Button Notch 30 16214-15IKE Behar Black Mason Two Button Notch 29 120732Lauren by RL Ritz Super 100s Black Peak Full Dress16496-97IKE Behar Blue Paisley Chase One Button Peak 29 StylePageACCESSORIES:Vests & Ties165100-101IKE Behar Charcoal Paisley Chase One Button Peak 29 116-133Color Inspiration - Ties Listed by Color16670-71IKE Behar Grey Griffin One Button Peak 29 70134-135Couture 1910 Texture Solid Tie Collection16750-51IKE Behar Yale Blue Jacob Two Button Notch 29 58136-142Modern Solid Vest & Tie Collection16872-73IKE Behar Hunter Green Luke Two Button Notch 29 16143Skinny Self Tie Collection17010-11IKE Behar Black Jackson Two Button Peak 29143Deluxe Collection & Specialty Vests and Bow Ties 17112-13IKE Behar Black Romeo Double Breasted Peak 29143Classic Vest & Tie Options17240-41IKE Behar Navy Easton Double Breasted Peak 29PageACCESSORIES:Shirts, Trousers & Shoes 17382-83IKE Behar Tan Dominic Two Button Notch 29144Skinny & Stretch Knit Trousers17478-79IKE Behar Brown Archer Two Button Notch 29145Flat Front Trousers17568-69IKE Behar Heather Grey Austin One Button Peak 29146Shirts, Microfiber - Regular Fit/Trim Fit17662-63IKE Behar Steel Grey Dylan One Button Peak 29147Shirts, Allure Men & Ike Behar17774-75IKE Behar Olive Green Dean Two Button Notch 29148-149Formal Shoes19522-23Erik Lawrence Black Providence Two Button Notch 30 PageMEASURING GUIDES195S20-21Erik Lawrence Skinny Black Providence Two Button Notch 29 150-153Fit Types, Measuring, Size Charts19626-27Erik Lawrence Black Princeton One Button Peak 30 PageBUY IT19728-29Erik Lawrence Black Sable One Button Shawl 30 154-157Suit Separates & Shawl Tuxedo Jackets27433Chaps Black Notch Full Dress Tailcoat 157Boys Suits and Tuxedos2208-9Brunomagli Black Bruno Two Button Faille Notch 29 159Tuxedos and Formal Shirts30058-59Brunomagli Grey Nail Head Marco One Button Shawl 29 160Fashion Shoes30194-95Brunomagli Burgundy/Black Aldo One Button Peak 29 161Dress Shoes and Belts30286-87Brunomagli Cranberry Bruno Two Button Notch 29 162Suspenders, Ties and Jewelry30376-77Brunomagli Brown Massamo Two Button Notch 29 163-164Black Diamond Styles30484-85Brunomagli Eggplant Lorenzo One Button Peak 2940092-93Ben Sherman Black Pattern Alton One Button Peak 2955866-67Allure Men Shale Grey Brunswick Two Button Notch 3056060-61Allure Men Granite Grey Brunswick Two Button Notch 3056146-47Allure Men Cobalt Blue Brunswick Two Button Notch 3056252-53Allure Men Cornflower Blue Brunswick Two Button Notch 2956380-81Allure Men Sand Brunswick Two Button Notch 3056488-89Allure Men Mulberry Brunswick Two Button Notch 3056744-45Allure Men Denim Blue Ridge Two Button Notch 3056890-91Allure Men Black Velvet Venice One Button Peak 30604106-107Savvi Red Carter One Button Peak 29STYLE NUMBER INDEX'