b'RentalSizeScaleRegular 34to70Short 34 to 58See page 8 for details. Long 35to70X-Long 38 to 54Boys3 to 18169BRADYCamel Notch Dress SuitTwo Button 29Light weight wool rich fabric. Trim fit featuring a self notch lapel and top collar. Two button front. Side vented, flap pockets. Bone buttons. Matching flat front trousers. Shown: Matching trousers. White non-pleated Lux microfiber laydown collar shirt with Allure cafe/tan self tie long tie. Swatch#: 15Aspictured:Jacket 169Trousers 169MShirt134Tie 66CTANLSELF TIEMatchingvestavailable169VMATCHING169MAdjustableWaistbandWithBeltLoops$130 LUXURY FABRICS'