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Tuxedo Junction, New Hartford NY

New Hartford, NY
Sangertown Square Mall

Tuxedo, Suit & Formalwear

With suit and tuxedo rentals and formalwear locations from PA to NY to OH, groomsmen & ushers can be measured in one city and pick up in another!  The popularity of men’s suits being used for weddings and prom allows us the opportunity to offer what is more commonly known as tuxedo suits now more than ever.

While local legend says that Jedediah Sanger bought the site of New Hartford for 50 cents the acre, land deeds have called the account into question in later years. What isn’t in question is the growth of the city since then.

A thriving community of over 20,000 people, New Hartford is home to many excellent restaurants and boutique shops, as well as being close enough to Utica, NY to share many of the attractions in both cities.

Closest Location To You

Tuxedo Junction
9090 Destiny USA Dr
Store L203
Syracuse, NY 13205
(315) 407-4465


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