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We came in for an “emergency”

August 16, 2018

tux for prom. We were greeted warmly and taken care of immediately. Mr. Matthew Yee gave us several suggestions regarding color, style and best options for my son’s very tall, very slim frame. My son is on the high functioning Asperger’s Spectrum and has a tendency to overshare opinions and overshare details in a way that appears to be talking over others. Mr. Yee did not even know this detail and treated him so kindly and gently that he is definitely an asset to your company. He was even able to convey the reasons certain styles or colors would be suitable for his needs. My son is “prone to bouts of strong opinion” but was so comfortable with Mr. Yee that he actually listened and took his advice. As a wedding party came in for service shortly after,, a young man named Jeff Tobolski took over as we proceeded with the payment process. He too was extremely kind, patient and helpful, as well. The entire process from walk-in to payment took no longer than 30 minutes. I have never been so pleased with a shopping experience as I was with this one. Both Mr. Yee and Mr. Tobolski were professional, knowledgeable and extremely personable. I would recommend this location to anyone. I am satisfied 100%.