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I would Like to express

July 2, 2019

my gratitude & I am beyond Thankful for the Marketplace Mall Tuxedo Junction. I’m a single mom & my son had two different proms to attend @ two different schools which were two different weekends and this store went out of my way to make sure that he could go to both proms. I could afford to get two tuxes so Brianna, the store manager, made it happen that fit my budget. We all know prom time is an expensive time of year… Brianna, made sure my son was able to get to both proms. Of course the dresses were two different colors which meant his vest & tie had to be two different colors.
I want To let the higher ups know, how they went out of their way to make this happen.
Thank you to the staff & most of all to Brianna for working with me. This was my third tuxedo places I went to & this one was willing to work with our budget. THANK YOU THANK TOU THANK YOU!