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Out-Of-Town Groomsmen 2024

Gentlemen cornflower suits

Out Of Town Groomsmen

Rarely will an entire wedding party reside in the same city. And that’s OK! We love out-of-towners! But what do you do if your wedding is in Buffalo, New York, your Best Man lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and the father of your bride lives in Portland, Oregon? We want you to feel completely at ease when it comes to getting your guys fitted in a timely manner, and to be confident that their formalwear is going to be a perfect fit! See our video below to see how we expertly service out of town groomsmen.

1. Get Fitted Near Home

Brides & Grooms To Be: Once you have booked your wedding and selected your styles, notify your groomsmen that they can be fitted in their hometown. Let them know which styles you’ve chosen and that they can submit their measurements and pick up their outfit when they get in town! Groomsmen: Find a fitting location near you or visit a local tailor to get professional measurements. You can download and print off our measurement form below!

Download Measurement Form

2. Submit Measurements Online

Once you’ve been fitted, submit your measurements on our website. At this point you will choose your Tuxedo Junction pick-up location. Within 48 hours of your measurement submission, a staff member of the pick-up location that you chose will give you a call to confirm your contact information, measurements, and take a payment over the phone. You may choose to make a minimum $75 deposit or pay your rental off in full!

Submit Your Measurements

3. Pick Up & Return Your Rental

The week of the wedding, the groomsmen will have a “first fitting”. The first fitting is usually two days prior to the wedding, but may vary based on your wedding’s needs. Completing this fitting allows us to make sure every rental is a perfect fit! Payment for their rental is due at this time. Please arrive 24 hours before your event to allow our staff to properly serve you and make any necessary adjustments. Celebrate in style! Unless other arrangements are made in advance, all rentals must be returned the day after use. Keep in mind that one groomsman can return multiple rentals on behalf of everyone in the party, and that rentals can be returned to any of our locations! Please note that there is a $20/ day late fee when not returned the next day.

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