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Service at the Eastern Hills

March 12, 2019

Store in Buffalo, NY was excellent. Minor issues with the fit/performance …..
1) original vest was tight only at top button, so we bumped it up a size, which was a mistake as fit with larger vest was sloppy. Hindsight, we should have tried the larger size at the store and/or we should have tried to adjust the first vest with the strap on the back. Worse case, the original vest would have been the “lesser of two evils”, if you will.
2) narrow pointed shoes are nice short term, but by the time the reception rolled around, they were not comfortable. A wider toe box would have been good, and/or softer sole. As a Dad of the groom, some of things that work for the younger men may not be the best for us older gents.
No one but me could/would notice these two items, so
3) overall style/color/fit was excellent as I got a lot of complements on my appearance. Either Tuxedo Junction has great suits, and/or the eye sight of Americans is getting better!
It has been a long time since I had a rented Tux on, so THANK YOU for making it a nice experience. I may be seeing you again when my daughter marries; unless she elopes.